Awesome list of Vue.js Libraries

4 min read. Published on May 21, 2022. Last updated: May 21, 2022

Written by Leigh Dinaya

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Vue.js, without a doubt, is one of the best javascript framework in the wild. If you are a new to javascript framework world, Vue is a go to framework because of its easy learning curve compare to that of competitors like React and Angular.

Using libraries for developing Vue apps, small or large applications, is a no brainer. In this blog post, I am going to share you my favorite Vue.js libraries, from UI components to utilities and to even some developer tools.

UI Component Frameworks

  1. Vuetify - Material Design component framework for Vue.js.
  2. Beaufy - lightweight UI components based on Bulma.
  3. Element - a desktop UI component library for developers, designers and product managers.
  4. Bootstrap-Vue - Bootstrap 4 components for Vue.js.
  5. Vuesax - a new component framework for Vue.js 2.
  6. Ant Design Vue - an enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Vue.

UI Components

  1. vue-easy-table - a vue table component that has support for cell edit,multi-head fixed, multi-column fixed, clumn drag, sort,conditional filter, custom column.
  2. element-form-builder - a vue library for building element UI form with JSON schema.
  3. vuejs-datepicker - a simple Vue.js datepicker component. Supports disabling of dates, inline mode, translations.
  4. vue-multiselect - universal select/multiselect/tagging component for Vue.js.
  5. vue-slider - a Netflix like slider developed using Vuejs.
  6. vue-slide-bar - a simple Vue slider bar component.
  7. textra - Vue js add-on to slide text.
  8. ic-firebase-uploader - multi-file uploader for Firebase storage.
  9. vue-uploader - a Vue.js upload component powered by simple-uploader.js.
  10. vue-js-popover - Vue.js 2 library for dropdowns / popovers / tooltips.
  11. vue-slideout - simple vue implementation of Slideout.js touch sidebar / sidemenu library.
  12. vue-burger-menu - an off-canvas sidebar Vue component.
  13. vue-slick - vue component for slick carousel.
  14. vue2-google-maps - Google maps component for vue with 2-way data binding.
  15. vue-infinite-loading - an infinite scroll plugin for Vue.js.
  16. vue-markdown - a powerful and highspeed markdown parser for Vue.
  17. vue-pdf - Vue.js PDF viewer.
  18. vue-fuse - a Vue.js plugin for fuzzy search library, Fuse.js.
  19. vue-instantsearch - build search into your Vue.js app using Algolia.
  20. vue-avatar - an avatar component for Vue.
  21. vue-gravatar - a dead-simple avatar component for Vue.js.
  22. vue-highlights - syntax highlighting with Highlight.js.
  23. vue-timeago - a timeago component for Vue.

UI Layout

  1. vue-masonry - Vue.js directive for masonry blocks layouting.
  2. vue-virtual-scroller - blazing fast scrolling of any amount of data.
  3. vueflex - a flexbox grid system.
  4. vue-fullpage.js - official Vue.js wrapper for fullPage.js.
  5. vue-splitter-pane - component which renders two slots in a adjustable split arrangement (vetical or horizontal).

UI Utilities (Directives)

  1. v-hotkey - Vue 2.x directive for binding hotkeys to components.
  2. vue-observe-visibility - Detect when an element is becoming visible or hidden on the page.
  3. v-click-outside - Vue directive to react on clicks outside an element without stopping the event propagation.
  4. vue-formly - a javascript-powered forms for Vue.js.
  5. vee-validate - template-based Validation Framework for Vue.js.
  6. vue-scrollto - adds a directive that listens for click events and scrolls to elements.
  7. vue-backtotop - a back to top component for Vue.js.
  8. vue-lazyload - a Vue.js plugin for lazyload your Image or Component in your application.
  9. pimg - mini image lazy loader for P(R)eact and Vue.
  10. vue-paginate - a simple Vue.js plugin to paginate data.
  11. vue2-animate - a Vue.js 2 port of Animate.css.
  12. vue2-transitions - reusable Vue 2 transition components.
  13. vue-lottie - Render After Effects animations on Vue based on Bodymovin.
  14. vue-typed-js - Typed.js integration for vue.js. create a typing animation.
  15. vue-pose - Pose for Vue.js.
  16. vue-anime - a Vue plugin for adding Anime bindings to Vue components.
  17. vue-meta - manage HTML metadata in Vue.js components with SSR support.
  18. vue-svgicon - a tool to create svg icon components. (vue 2.x). using inline svg.
  19. vue-content-loading - Vue component to easily build (or use presets) SVG loading cards Facebook like.

Developer Tools

  1. Bit - manage and reuse Vue components between projects.
  2. Storybook - The UI Development Environment. works with v3.2+ later.

      That is all, folks. A list of my favorite Vue.js libraries, frameworks, directives and developer tools. Although I don't use some of them on a daily basis, I think it is better to put them here for references. Remember, if you are a beginner in Vue, I recommend to learn all the basics before jumping on to libraries. That's it. Thank you for reading this post!

Happy Coding!

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