5 Vue UI Frameworks for rapid UI development

3 min read. Published on May 21, 2022. Last updated: May 21, 2022

Written by Leigh Dinaya

Leigh is a passionate web developer who loves to make things work. He likes to build products that solve user's problems.

Adding UI frameworks in Vue project is a piece of cake and working with UI component frameworks has such a big impact on developer experience. UI frameworks reduce complexities from building components and save a ton of work and time during product development. In this blog post, I will list down 5 of the best UI frameworks for Vue, their features, and why you as a developer must use them in your next projects.

1. Vuesax


In my opinion, it is, hands down, one of the best Vue UI frameworks out there. Vuesax has a unique and pleasant style which can easily be added to a project without requiring to change the style of components. Components look professionally crafted out of the box. If you're looking for a UI framework that beautifully made and somehow, not requiring too much customization, then this framework is for you. It is modular which means you can use all its components or just a few on-demand, thus avoiding unnecessary code on your project.

It has 2 versions, the version 3 and the recently announce version 4, both in beta versions.

Github: https://github.com/vuesax/vuesax
Website: https://vuesax.com

2. Vue Ant Design


A Vue-ported version of Ant Design for React. Ant Design is an enterprise-class UI design for web applications. In case you don't know, Ant Design is one of the most popular React UI libraries for react developers. Ant Design Vue has a set of high-quality Vue components with modern browsers and IE 9 support. Similar to other component libraries, it is modular and can be easily added to a Vue or Nuxt project via CLI.

As of this writing, it has almost 11 thousands stars on Github.

Github: https://github.com/vueComponent/ant-design-vue/
Website: https://www.antdv.com/docs/vue/introduce/

3. Vue Chakra UI


A recently released UI library for Vue. Chakra UI was created for React and was added a Vue version just this month. Chakra UI is designed with accessibility in mind. It strictly follows WAI-ARIA standards which means all components come with proper attributes and keyboard interactions out of the box. It is composable. A good UI must be highly composable. Chakra UI components are easy to integrate into each different components.

Github: https://github.com/chakra-ui/chakra-ui-vue
Website: https://vue.chakra-ui.com/

4. BootstrapVue


Vue UI library for Bootstrap. Of course, the very popular CSS library for developers. With BootstrapVue you can build responsive, mobile-first, and ARIA accessible projects on the web using Vue.js and the world's most popular front-end CSS library — Bootstrap v4. With almost 12k stars on Github, it is without a doubt one of the most used UI frameworks for Vue. Similar to other items in the list, BootstrapVue can easily be integrated with Nuxt and Vue via CLI.

Github: https://github.com/bootstrap-vue/bootstrap-vue
Website: https://bootstrap-vue.org/

5. Vuetify.js


A popular Vue UI library for Material Design. Material Design is simply a set of rules, guidelines, components and best practises for creating websites and apps introduced by Google in 2014. Vuetify is a Vue UI library with semantic material components. It features some of the best ready-made UI components in the web. Vuetify can easily be installed via Vue CLI and works pretty well with Nuxt.js too. With over 26k stars on Github, Vuetifyjs is one of the most loved and used UI framework on the web.

Github: https://github.com/vuetifyjs/vuetify
Website: https://vuetifyjs.com/en/

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