My Tech Stack (2020)

2 min read. Published on May 21, 2022. Last updated: May 21, 2022

Written by Leigh Dinaya

Leigh is a passionate web developer who loves to make things work. He likes to build products that solve user's problems.

I've seen a lot of developers sharing their tech stack on Twitter lately. I am joining the bandwagon. Today, I will share the current tech stack I use when I build my own side projects in 2020. Spoiler: it is Javascript heavy.


  • Nuxt - As a huge Vue.js lover, Nuxt.js is my go-to Vue framework for creating server-side rendering (SSR) apps.

  • Gridsome - For static site generation. I use this for building blog site and small Vue applications.

  • TailwindCSS - For UI library. A life-saver. Saves a ton of time and work for a non-designer like me.

  • ChakraUI - For UI Framework. Works well with Nuxt.js and Gridsome.

  • Netlify - For hosting website quickly.


  • MongoDB - For database.

  • GraphQL - For querying API.

  • Apollo Server - For creating GraphQL server. Apollo is the most popular framework to implement GraphQL client and server.

  • Strapi - For creating and managing content and API quickly. I use this for quick prototyping. This tech is so amazing!

  • Hasura - For building APIs quickly.

  • Heroku - For web server hosting.

  • PostgreSQL - the standard database in Heroku. Strapi and Hasura use this as a de facto database.


  • Cypress - For end to end testing.

Tech Im curious and exploring now

I've been re-exploring the React ecosystem lately. And here is a list of tech I am excited to get hands on.

  • Redwoodjs - Bringing fullstack app to JAMStack. I love this! I tried this already and it just works!

  • Blitz.js - Rails-like framework for React. A full-stack React framework.

This is my tech stack in a nutshell and I am very much happy to use these technologies.

Thank you for reading and ..

Happy coding! 😁

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