Top Nuxt.js Modules

3 min read. Published on May 28, 2022. Last updated: May 28, 2022

Written by Leigh Dinaya

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For today's blog post, I will list down some of the best Nuxt.js modules built by the Nuxt core team and the Nuxt community. These modules are available on Github.

What are Nuxt modules and what are their uses?

What are Nuxt.js modules?

Nuxt modules are reusable extensions that can extend Nuxt core functionalities and add integrations to Nuxt applications. They are functions that run in the Nuxt app during boot time.

Why use Nuxt.js modules?

  1. Easy to add or install on any project.
  2. Can saves time and reduces work / code during development by providing ready to use functions and methods.
  3. Increases developer productivity.

Nuxt.js modules

1. Content

Enables developers to add a Git-based Headless CMS to Nuxt.js application by writing files like markdown, YAML, CSV, XML, and JSON inside a content/ directory inside a Nuxt app.


2. Firebase

Firebase module for Nuxt. This modules makes it easy to integrate Firebase Javascript SDK into the Nuxt.js project. This module includes functions for Firebase realtime DB, Firestore, Auth and so on.


3. Strapi

A module that wraps Strapi with Nuxt. Ever work with Strapi Headless CMS? Well take a look at this module. This module connects the Nuxt app to Strapi with ease. Features include like support for authentication, RESTful methods and adaptive SDK for its API entities.


4. Color Module

A module that adds light and dark mode color to a Nuxt project. If you're adding theme to your project, then this module is of a big help.


5. Axios

Easily work with Axios.


6. Auth Module

A module for adding authentication support in Nuxt.


7. Storybook

A module that integrates Storybook with Nuxt. If you're building web components with Storybook, then this module will help you set up Storybook with Nuxt easily.


8. Sanity

Yet another module for working with CMS. A module that adds Sanity integration to a Nuxt project.


9. Prismic

A module that adds integration to Prismic CMS. Allows to easily connect Nuxt app to hosted content on Prismic.


10. Composition API

A module that adds Vue 3 Composition API support in Nuxt. It is currently in the experimental phase.


11. Sentry

Sentry module for Nuxt.js. For logging errors from Nuxt app.


12. i18n

A module that eassily adds i18n integration to a Nuxt app using the vue-i18n package.


13. Apollo

A module that supports vue-apollo inside a Nuxt app.


14. PWA

Adds support for Progressive Web Apps.


15. Cloudinary

If you're managing your assets using Cloudinary, this recently release module is a total life saver.


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