Socially clone powered by Nuxt.js and Supabase

About Socially

Socially helps you create a profile for better connecting you with your audience. Create and maintain a list of links that showcase your social feed on all major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Create an attractive profile to share your links with projects, employers and much more!

Get all your links saved in one place. Make it easy for your audience to find you on social media. Simply share your personalized URL and never lose another follower.

App Features

  • User Authentication
  • Add unlimited links
  • Shareable links
  • Profile Management

Todo Features

  • Stats
  • Themes

Tech Stack

Client | Front-end

  • Nuxt.js 2 (SSR)
  • TailwindCSS
  • DaisyUI

Server | Backend

  • Vercel
  • Supabase

Supabase Features Used

  • Supabase Auth
  • Supabase Database
  • Supabase Storage

Vue Plugins

  • VueFormulate
  • vuexPersistedstate
  • vue-paginate
  • vuex

Nuxt Modules

  • @nuxtjs/pwa
  • nuxt-supabase
  • @nuxtjs/toast
  • @nuxtjs/date-fns
  • @nuxtjs/dotenv
  • @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
  • @nuxtjs/stylelint-module
  • @nuxtjs/eslint-module